Cherry Brown Interiors prohibits discrimination and harassment, and provides equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, age, or genetic information.  Cherry Brown Interiors is committed to recruiting, hiring, and promoting qualified minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and veterans.

Equality and Diversity in recruitment, selection, development and training

Recruitment and Diversity 

The intention of Cherry Brown Interiors is to recruit the most suitable person for any position in a fair and nondiscriminatory manner. It is essential that recruitment and selection procedures are based on objective criteria related to the needs of the job, and that such criteria are applied equally at all stages during the process, to all applicants at all levels within the organization.

Recruitment procedures 

  1. Recruitment and publicity literature will state that Cherry Brown Interiors is an equality and diversity opportunities employer.
  2. Each role advertised should be accompanied by a full job description and person specification.
  3. Vacancies should be publicized appropriately to as wide a range of suitable candidates as possible.
  4. Employment agencies, where their use is required, should be made aware that Cherry Brown Interiors is an equality and diversity employer.
  5. All job applicants are required to complete a Cherry Brown Interiors application form. Equal opportunity information gathered at application stage should only be stored anonymously on a central database for reporting purposes only. It should not be used to form part of the short-listing  process under any circumstances;  short-listing should be done by merit of application and by no other means.  Disclosure of information should be optional to candidates.
  6. Candidates will not be asked health related questions before a job offer is made, except where the question is necessary to decide whether any reasonable adjustments should be made to the selection process, to decide whether a candidate can carry out a function that is essential to the job or to monitor diversity amongst people applying for jobs.
  7. Should a candidate with a disability be invited to attend for interview, Cherry Brown Interiors will make any reasonable adjustments necessary to    facilitate their attendance. Candidates should advise the company where such adjustments are necessary.
  8. We will take appropriate and reasonable steps to accommodate the requirements of candidate’s religion, culture and domestic responsibilities.
  9. The directors may, at their discretion, appoint internally or from other sources without the requirement to advertise the post if the appointment is of such a nature, and where obtaining suitably qualified candidates by traditional recruitment methods is regarded as unlikely to secure the most talented candidates.
  10. Reasons for rejection of all candidates should be recorded.



The following guidelines should be observed when short-listing and interviewing candidates:

  1. Short listing criteria should be objective, based on those skills, experience and knowledge necessary to carry out the job. The requirement for     formal academic or professional qualifications may be waived, if not an essential criteria and if candidates clearly demonstrate their suitability by other means. Willingness to undergo training should be taken into account.
  2. Similarly it should not be assumed that overseas degrees or diplomas are of a lower standard than their equivalents in the UAE. If in doubt there are a number of agencies in UAE who are able to determine the level of equivalence of  overseas qualifications.
  3. Interview questions should be relevant to the job; care being taken to ensure that no assumptions are made or leading questions asked relating to personal circumstances and future plans. If job requirements are likely to affect a candidates personal life (e.g.: unsociable hour or travel arrangements) then the same question regarding these should be asked of all applicants.
  4. Skills, knowledge, ability and competence will be the main criteria for selection and promotion.


Employee development and training

Cherry Brown Interiors wish to ensure that no employee is disadvantaged in the provision of appropriate training and development opportunities. The following procedures should be followed;

  1. All employees should be encouraged to participate in the annual performance review, which will  assess their current level of job performance as well as their training and career development needs.
  2. All employees will have access to and be encouraged to take advantage of suitable training and development opportunities.
  3. Decisions relating to career development should be based on objective criteria and be seen to be fair. The ability to meet the requirements of the position successfully should be the main criterion for promotion.

Training is provided in order to increase the knowledge and skills of employees and all course materials and content will reflect Cherry Brown’s position as an equality and diversity employer


If an employee is disabled, or become disabled during the course of employment, the Company encourage the employee to tell us about the condition as soon as possible so that they can be supported and consideration can be given to making reasonable adjustments.

Management responsibilities

This equality and diversity policy depends upon not just the commitment of employees, but also of all directors, managers and supervisors who will take the lead in implementing this policy and making themselves aware of what the law requires of them. Management is responsible for ensuring that the workplace is free of discrimination, including harassment, bullying and victimization and must take prompt action to resolve complaints and prevent any further recurrence.

Employee responsibilities

The Company encourages all employees to take responsibility for their personal involvement in the practical application of this policy and for creating a work environment which eliminates all forms of discrimination, bullying, harassment and victimization.

Any employee found to have been creating an intimidating work environment in their working relations with others will be subject to the disciplinary procedure detailed in the employee handbook.


As part of Cherry Brown Interior’s commitment to equality and diversity, monitoring will be carried out at the recruitment stage and at subsequent regular intervals during the individual’s career. The company application form includes sections which enable all applicants and employees to declare their ethnic origin and any disability they have. Information from monitoring will assist with a system of management reporting which assesses the success of its equality and diversity policy, and the periodic reviews of this policy. In particular, the company will report on key measures which include gender composition of the workforce, age, race, ethnic origin and sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief.

Information provided by job applicants and employees for monitoring purposes will be used only for these purposes and will be dealt with in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Making a complaint

If any employee feels they have a grievance under this Equality and Diversity Policy they are encouraged in the first instance to make the issue known to the employee responsible for the behavior and request it should cease. Employees may also seek the direction and guidance of their Director or their line manager in attempting to resolve matters in an informal manner

Please click here to download Cherry Brown Interior’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy